rotating shanghai II


LU Yuanmin

WANG Yaodong


CAO Youtao

DAI Mouyu

YAN Minglei

WANG Jianxin

CAI Hongsuo

YANG Yongliang

ZHU Feng

WANG Yanling


october 1 - 2011

Works by Two Generations of Photography Artists in Shanghai

A microcosm of accelerated changes have taken place during the last two decades in Shanghai, China. Photographers and artists have rediscovered photography as a new medium with many possibilities to exhibit the rapid socioeconomic development and urbanization as the photography, dating from 1950s, had been merely employed as a tool of ideological propaganda. After taking a closer look at the Shanghai-based artists' works, one may discover not only changes within the urban landscapes but also in the intense inner changes of the very people who have lived in this transient environment, both the subjects who have been photographed and the artists who created the photographs.

These artists' works reveal significant positive changes that demonstrate an exploration into a deeper understanding of photography culture and the medium's impact on the cultural reconstruction of society. A huge and continuously increasing amount of fans for photography technology have in fact helped the expansion of a new photographic culture through a result of discovering the medium's new possibilities in representing the contemporary life. Consequently, this also helped communicate awareness in cultural reconstruction. This conscious transformation is presented by the two generations of photographic artists.

Each artist uses a distinguished approach to a particular vision that is derived from the very subjects of their photographs. The older generation, including Lu Yuanmin, Wang Yaodong, and Zhou Ming, have focused on everyday life, the living situations of ordinary people, and changes of urban landscapes.  The younger generation of artists, such as Cao Youtao, Dai Mouyu, and Yan Minglei slightly shifted their concerns from everyday life to self-situations through capturing scenes from "reality"; Wang Jianxing, Cai Hongsuo and Yang Yongliang focus on making scenes of their own to display their personal relations either with a suddenly urbanized city, or cultural traditions; Liu Yue, Wang Yanling, Zhu Feng undertake photography as the medium of contemporary abstract art through their experimental approach to the language of photography.

The show at Projector, the space of Contemporary Dialogue Foundation, presents a considerable amount of work that reveals the transforming trace of the two generations of artists' attainments in Shanghai.

Liu Congyun,Curator/Art Critic in Shanghai

Thank you to the interns who helped make the event happen:

Leticia Javier

Justine Wuebold

Farhad Bahram

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