september 3 , 2011

“Collective experience is now based on simultaneous private experiences, distributed across the field of media culture, knit together by ongoing debate, publicity, promotion, and discussion.  Publicness today has as much to do with sites of production and reproduction as it does with any supposed physical commons, so a popular album could be regarded as a more successful instance of public art than a monument tucked a way in an urban plaza.”

-Seth Price, Dispersion

"You are holding a guide to the ecology of a severe ongoing merging of matter, social and (visual) information in the present world. The shift to a multi-polar, mobile, post-democratic, gated, real-time set of conditions effectively redistributes the global balance of powers. The existing structures of our (Western) mode of thinking and being, including the flows of energy and value, the domain of aesthetics, the currency of art, and our role in the process that is civilization are being reshaped and re-articulated. The scale of these changes are reflected in the dynamics of formats—files, gadgets, species, identities, ideologies, brands, styles, cultures, natural disasters, memes, technologies—entering the ultimate platform and player of dissemination: Internet." -Katja Novitskova (Post Internet survival guide 2010)

The increase in popularity for gadgets and the reliance on technology has come into play for artists of this century throughout the world (so to speak). Images exchanged on Tumblr imply, suggest, indicate, signify, associate with, allude to, connote, etc. conversations of value, time, culture, re-appropriation, dissipation, ideologies, and reality among developing others. The age of information has facilitated and increased the speed of "life" along side our concept of time, as the internet provides at the command of one's fingertips. In effect, artists are increasingly empowered to produce and exhibit their own work. 

Having the contemporary artists' work within arms’ reach has been perceived as having diffused the particular essence of experiencing art. The use of actual, "real" space has been a traditional format of art for a long period bridging integrated involvement of people within these actual spaces. The use of exhibiting the artists' work immaterially poses a question towards its being. Artists’ ideal motivations for immaterial works include an emphasis on content and concept. This produces an underlying semiotic vernacular. These images, over time, have increased a particular modernist inspired aesthetic appeal, which is also somewhat of a "net artist" language that has developed over a period of time in effect of an almost obsessive use of the resources on the Internet. Petghost serves as a blog with ideologies of artistic premise underlying each image and the following or previous image, which may or may not follow its conversation.

about tumblr

Images concerning my artistic interests have existed online at Tumblr, a casual blog that allows its users to create posts, re-blog and "like" posts by their followers or those they follow serves as a vehicle for anyone interested in visual language and exchange. It is one of the most popular Internet hosts for blogs (ex. word press, blogger) currently used by the web 2.0 public. Tumblr serves as an image dump host that has allowed many visually drawn audiences to easily spread the interactions between particular images and their connotations.

Thank you to the interns who helped make the event happen:

Leticia Javier

Justine Wuebold

Farhad Bahram

pictures from the event