Contemporary Dialogue Foundation (CDF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) art organization which fosters contemporary art dialogue in various spheres of human expression including art (visual art, music, films, writing, poetry, etc.), science, business, and social relations by implementing various educational projects and programs.



Founded in the Summer of 2008, CDF ART CLUB  started as a discussion group where art professionals shared their observations on contemporary art practices with their peers.  In the Fall of 2009 discussion group events led to the forming of a nonprofit art organization called The Contemporary Dialogue Foundation (cdf) with the purpose of engaging the public in the international contemporary art discourse.


Contemporary Dialogue Foundation (CDF) runs an alternative exhibition space called Projector. It is a non-traditional exhibition space where artists’ artwork (or documentation) is displayed as projected images in the form of a slide show. Projector's goal is to create discussion among international art spaces/artists by presenting innovative contemporary visual art exhibitions, followed by a discussion event that encourages contemporary art discourse in the world community as an ongoing international contemporary art cultural exchange.

Projector Online is an extension of our exhibition space Projector providing the world community with a curated content for local projection events. Organizations or individuals can play the slide show of the exhibition images provided on this site at the any art or public spaces anywhere in the world.