Jiin-yun Liang ............ artist residing in SF bay area

Gigi Janchang .......................... conceptual artist

Jamie Windborne ......... conceptual artist residing in SF

Michelle Hyun .... gallery director at masterworks institute in SF

Sabina Sule ........................ artist residing in SF

Dmitriy Kustov ................. art patron residing in SF

The following web sites and some names were referred to during the discussion:

1.Red Hot Chili Peppers, an American rock band from LA (1983) whose musical style fuses traditional ROCK and FUNK with various elements of HEAVY METAL, PUNK ROCK and PSYCHEDELIC ROCK, such as “Readymade” or “Can’t Stop”.

2.British artist Rachel Whiteread’s House, the controversial sculpture for which she won the 1993 Turner Prize and the 1994 K Foundation award.

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3.John Zorn, a musician residing in NYC. Most of his music is highly theoretical, resulting in what most would dismiss as pure noise — just a lot of warped instruments being banged around. A lot of it is tied to performance art, making the visual aspects of the piece just as important as the musical aspects, integrating and juxtaposing many different genres of music, working with ”blocks of sound” to create his pieces.
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4.Found Magazine, created by Davy Rothbart and Jason Bitner and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and New York City, collects and catalogs found notes, photos, and other interesting items, publishing them in an irregularly-issued magazine, in books, and on its website. Items found and published range from love letters to homework assignments, and they are contributed by people who find them in a variety of public places.

5.Found sound: (Music compositions) Examples include John Cage, Nicolas Collins, Art of Noise

6.Writings:  Writers Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs pioneered “cut-ups”, which was the random assembling of cut-up pre-existing text. Adrian Henri created the poem “On the Late Late Massachers Stillbirths and Deformed Children a Smoother Lovelier Skin Job” (and the title) by combining found text from John Milton’s “Sonnet XVIII”, the TV Times and a CND leaflet. Cordelia McGuire turned a funeral home classified advertisement into a poem entitled Embalmer by adding line breaks.

7.Movie: Found art features in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film Amélie and the 2001 independent comedy, Ghost World.

Found Objects

September 21, 2008