Dialogue with Gigi

in Warsaw

May 30, 2009

During the month of May, 2009, Gigi Janchang  at her exhibition at fabs gallery space, Warsaw, Poland had  a live dialogue with cdf art club participants in a San Francisco.
fabs gallery:(fact-abstraction) – a group of artists (an association) in Warsaw, Poland “who may employ various forms, from performance and installation to ephemeral action, going beyond the classifications of art, decided to constitute fabs – a site of action, work and exhibition.” 

Website: www.fabs.icmedia.pl.

Youtube: Gigi Janchang - the North South Spin-II

About the exhibition in Warsaw, Poland

Inspired by the recent dramatic cultural and political changes in the world, a large scaled installation by Gigi Janchang will be exhibited at Artists Association Fabs Gallery Warsaw, Poland in May 2009.  Titled “Rubbered and Mirrored”.  It is a piece created specifically for and occupying the entire space of the gallery. In the installation, stretched chair, table, floor lamp and photograph are placed in two adjacent rooms, one upright, the other upside down.  Visitors are physically exposed to two opposite visual vantage points — which enables participants to be in sync, as well as out of sync, in relation to the space.